“I have been working with Dr. Cambor on a regular basis for over a year. He is brilliant, insightful, professional, empathetic, reliable, calm, and direct. He is an incredible listener, thorough and patient. He is a well of knowledge, and passionate about his practice. I have learned so much from him in regard to not only my addiction and the way my brain works, but about holistic approaches that support my recovery in addition to medication. I am so grateful to Dr. Cambor, and cannot emphasize enough what an excellent doctor he is.”

Jess V-Sept.01, 2021


“I have been working with Dr. Cambor for over 3 years. He has been instrumental in my life, health, and recovery. I cannot say enough about him. I would give him 10 stars if I could. If you’re looking for a phenomenal Psychiatrist, particularly for addiction and substance abuse, you will not find a better Doctor than Roger Cambor.”

Chris in Boulder, CO – Mar 02, 2017


“Dr. Cambor literally saved my life. He is tenacious, patient and most of all compassionate. I was near giving up when two of his patients recommended him. He was extremely thorough, when other doctors would just throw another pill at the problem. He is brilliant and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Cambor you are my hero!”

Julie Ann G. in Firestone, CO – Feb 18, 2017



“Dr. Cambor is pragmatic, Intuitive, listens, engages, authentic, experienced & dedicated. He integrates with you and makes sure you discuss various options, ideas, theories, approaches. He’ll give researched information on nutrition, prescriptions, other sources that could be beneficial (authors, seminars, etc). Over others tried, he is the most trustworthy, ethical, realistic, warm but factual. Open minded but direct. Caring & has helped me transform & actualize my life.”

Velveteen Robitussin in Ruston, LA – Dec 17, 2016


“Dr. Cambor is an excellent psychiatrist. He not only knows what he’s treating, but is also very qualified in how to treat. The nuances of psychiatric disorders are not lost on him. I first began treatment for addiction, but after a couple sessions, it became apparent to that my drug use was a cover for an untreated underlying disorder. Furthermore, Dr. Cambor takes a full lifestyle approach to treatment, which includes not only prescribed medication and over the counter supplements, but also dietary and lifestyle choices. Whether you’re in crisis and need short term care, or are looking for long term treatment, you’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable doctor.”

Self-verified patient of Dr. Roger L Cambor – Posted on September 28th, 2016



“As a patient of Dr. Cambor, I can honestly say his techniques are comprehensive which is not limited to traditional talk therapy, his approach includes EMT, hypnosis, psycho-pharmaceutical/ medication monitoring, he is diagnostically intuitive.  If Dr. Cambor runs late for his office appointments it is because a patient needs the extra time. Dr. Cambor believes patients deserve the best of his professional therapeutic advice and time is part of the caring. There are some health care professionals that just have book knowledge and stick to the text, then there are others like Dr. Cambor who use every approach available, keep learning new techniques and are just naturals in their field.”
Self-verified patient of Dr. Roger L Cambor – Posted on October 27th, 2009


“Dr. Cambor is a true professional who really knows and I believe enjoys researching the effects of medications. He is compassionate and caring. I have been a patient for 5 years now and am proud to say have been mentally well and street drug free for most of the same. If you are looking for someone who takes pride in his work, which is hard to find in this day and age, then Dr C is the one for you.”
Self-verified patient of Dr. Roger L Cambor – Posted on July 16th, 2008